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ATYPUS  Adventures

"the sign of Personal approach"


Whether you're booking a first-time trip to capital cities or an adventure into the heart of the countryside, Atypus Adventures will develop a one-of-a-kind holiday, including hotels, transportation, and sightseeing… all with your specific interests and personal style in mind. 

Settling on your itinerary and hotels is just the start of your individually-planned dream trip.

We make the most of your time with advanced reservations, the right transportation choices, and specialized sightseeing geared to your unique interests.In addition to our usual introductory tours, we can custom-create a program for your desired focus, such as Jewish heritage, art history, or wine appreciation.

Where possible, Atypus Adventures will provide insider access to sites not normally open to the public or after-hours visits away from the bustle of the crowds. In order to begin the dialogue contactyour preferred travel consultantor.

Our destination and travel style


What we offer?


day or multiday tours are tailor-made individually for each client they reflect your own interests.


We designe and operate private tours and special interest trips focused on:

- culture, history, archtecture, folklore, music, genealogy, ethno, photo, ...

- walking, hiking, biking multisport ...

- nature-history, wildflowers, european orchids, birding, buterflies, bears and wolfs, photo...


We offer great chance to BUILT YOUR OWN DREAM TRIP


It's our clients telling us what they want to see and do, not the other way around. We are happy to adjust the dates of your holiday, the pace of your progress on your itinerary, the means of transport and we will give you a day-off if you wish so. We cooperate with specialists in different fields to ensure that our clients are accompanied by the experts on the topic and the region of your visit.

Why Czech or Slovak Republic?

Prague, Bratislava, Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Levoca are the place names that are the most frequent in holiday itineraries.

Atypus tour are going to take you much further. We will show you the real beauty of the country hidden in small villages and mountain valleys.


Come to discover the places that are not yet spoiled by the travel industry and beyond the published guide books.


For Atypus® Travel friendly team


Borek Seehak

CEO and private tours designer






Dipl. ing. JIRI MEWALD - atypus guide, cultural tours manager
comes from northern part of Czech republic - Giant mountains region. He graduated in 1991 in ecology of forest. After finishing the university he entered department of the nature conservation of Krkonose national park. Co-founder of Czech expedition society, which main aim is to promote saving of world culture heritage( including expeditions to Madagascar and Mexico). He publishes articles in magazines, had a film running on Czech TV etc.. His work led us to Royal Geographical Society in London and we are the only Czech members of that highly respected organisation. Ethnography began one of his hobbies except others like photography, everything concerning nature conservation, painting and drawing, literature and film and also skiing and mountainbike, where he took part in some mountainbike races. BOREK SEEHAK - atypus guide, dream tours designer, outdoor tours designer
After degree from ecology on Mendel University at Brno, he spent some time with travelling. Later he started to work as a mountain tour leader and tour guide. He guided number of groups with different interest including wildlife, birds, flowers, culture and history within central Europe. He changed his position in travel industry and represent travel companies abroad, later cooperate with leading travel companies such as Exodus, Naturetrek, Wilderness Travel, Mountain Travel Sobek as a country manager. As an operations manager designe and operates special interest and private trips within central Europe.
Co-founder of Czech Expedition Society(obly Czech member of prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London).
He travelled intensively to different countries and organized study trips including Mexico(study Maya Indians), Cuba, Morocco, Thailand(mountains tribes), China, Madagascar and many others. Madagascar became one of his favourites. He organized filming expedition to Madagascar in cooperation with Czech television. He organized photographic exhibition in Roayl Geographical Society in London.

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