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Atypus private tour to the Czech republic and Austria for family from Israel

Four family members from Israel decided to hire me as their tour guide. Initially I wasnt aware of the purpose of their visit to the Czech Republic. A Biologist, an Entomologist.......... I began to wonder what will they want. Then in advance of their arrival I received their itinenary along with where they needed to visit, Ostrava, Mikulov, Znojmo, České Budějovice, Terezín,


sen and Prague........ all within four days. This required serious logistic preparation.

On arrival I was informed "we want to také our mothers route, she was from Ostrava and at 16 was sent to a concentration camp". We also managed to search for other relatives and also visited Jewish cemeterys.

As the tour progressed the more satisfaction I got from being able to guide them. Then, whilst in České Budějovice I was asked, for which to me at the time seemed a strange request. "Can you get us a loaf of bread and some butter?" This I duly did after a visit to the local grocers. Then the request did not seem strange at all.... "this was the first food our mother was given right here after a long trek from Mauthhausen".

Ron and family, thank you for entrusting me to help and guide you during your visit.

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